2013-14 Preseason: Dolphins vs Texans

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Preseason Football


d v t 2On this third game of the pre-season, the Miami Dolphins are starting to play closer to in-season speed.  They also get a good feel from a possible playoff caliber team in the Houston Texans.  This game will give us a better feel on how the Dolphins measure up against top NFL teams.

The offense gets going in the first quarter with a solid passing game by Ryan Tannehill that finally connects with their off-season receiver acquisition Mike Wallace.  The quarterback-receiver duo connect for a much anticipated touchdown scoring pass.  Mike Wallace shows his ability to create space and bring the ball in despite tight coverage.  At the start of the second quarter, the Dolphins offensive passing problems stem from poor Quarterback play by Ryan Tannehill as his protection shows signs of improvement from last week.  Later in the quarter, with 7:52 to play, tight end Dustin Keller suffers a game ending knee injury while attempting to bring in a pass from Ryan Tannehill.  In the same offensive drive, the Dolphins passing attack gets traction and ends with a rushing touchdown by running back Lamar Miller.  At the end of the second quarter, the Dolphin Offense gets a two minute drill opportunity starting at their nine yard line with 1:40 to play.  Quarterback Mat Moore is unable to get anything going offensively and have to punt the ball away.

We continue to see very positive play by the Dolphins defense although the secondary was tested by the Texans aggressive passing game.   In the first quarter the secondary stops the Texan drive with a very athletic interception by Brent Grimes.  The secondary loses a matchup when a stop and go move causes cornerback Will Davis to bite inside and gives up a 38 yard pass for a touchdown by Texan Lester Jean.  The strength of the defense continues to be the solid play by the defensive line with outstanding play by Camron Wake.

We continue to see improvements from the Dolphins first team offense especially from quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  In tonight’s game he  completes over 66% of his passes which is an improvement from the previous week.  These are the areas of progression that are good to see despite ending the game in a loss.

Very good.

Final Score: Dolphins 17, Texans 24

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