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lebron james 1 Well what can I say other than life comes at you hard and fast. Wear a helmet, and don’t let the status get you down. For me I’ve been making strides, Doing PA Announcing for the Miami Inferno. I’ve also continued work to get more TV and Radio time so stay tuned for that. That’s what the Miami Heat should be thinking after losing the NBA finals to the San Antonio Spurs. It was a tough pill to swallow but Gregg Poppivich, and the Spurs simply outplayed the defending champions. The Spurs are clearly the Best team in the NBA.

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Chris-Bosh-Dwyane-Wade-and-Lebron-JamesWith Lebron opting out, what does this mean for the Heat and their retention of the Big 3′s championship hopes?


Lamar Miller 1What will the Dolphins do this season?


FOS Sports’s 5 best candidates from worst to 1st

stafford and johnson1. Detroit Lions- This pair might get them there. There being like 11-5 this season.

2. New York Giants

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp


Its Piano man time. If Eli Manning can get it back on track, the worst the G men will do is 9-7.


bortels3. Jacksonville Jaguars- With a savvy pick in Qb Blake Bortels, The Jacksonville Jaguars will rise out of obscurity. I’m on a shaky, thin, and cracked branch, but the worst the Jags will do this year is 6-10. I see them fighting for the six seed, or knocking heads with a couple of the sixth seed candidates.



4. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan is just another QB with Piano Man type woes, but if he can pull it together, the Falcons worst will be 8-8.

BenRoethlisberger5. Pittsburgh Steelers- Last but certainly not least is Big Ben. If Ben Rothliesberger is healthy, Pittsburgh will do at worst 9-7.

henderson alvarez 1Will the Miami Marlins continue their good play, and make a playoff push?


It seems I’m always wah wahing about no time to post. I wish I could say it was excuses, excuses, but it is what it is. I’m sure you guys can relate, seeing as life goes a million miles per hour, and rarely gives us the chance to catch up. Please hit me up if you’d like to try your hand at contributing to this rambling wreck of opinions. Why not give your opinion to the pile?????

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