Collusion Rocks Fos Sports!!

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So remember the day when we were taught that no matter what we try our best, and do our best to win. Apparently my good friend, quasi boss, league commissioner, and owner of the memory factor, Charles Camacho, thought it not only humorous but a great idea to cheat. So he “Nano” and “Bam Beatz” colluded to try and get me out, and on principle ruin the integrity of this league. All be it a league thrown together last minute, Charles is literally the worst commissioner in the history of fantasy sports. Sacks make you lose points, only one QB, and no flex. Horrid conditions in this league I joined only because the honor of my business and sports site was called into question, and I’ll be damned if band members beat real players who played this game. Who love it and cherish it for its greatness purity, and building of great men. Things will be handled, and mark my words, It won’t be Charles making himself some Lombardi trophy at the trophy store. They kicked awake a giant, and he will be felt.CHARLES IS A GAY



As for sports, What can be said??? Dolphins are a joke due to leadership and ownership, or lack there of. The unbelievably sophomoric situation in the locker room, to having a glorified wide receiver at franchise QB, when will Miami realize we must emulate success to be successful? When will we sign an Ed Reed, or a Randy Moss at a beneficial time, not a hurtful time? When will we decide to replace a living Hall of Fame legend, with facts and not potential? Because my friends this is a day that will remind us not of Vietnam, but of a modern day Lombardi hoisting in Miami.

last super bowl the dolphins won



The Miami Heat are off and running, Beasley is a waste of time thought to be fair, he has played well recently. Hopefully he’s not emotional, and suicidal anymore. I feel its a shame Chalmers isn’t, 2 flash in the pan games, mixed with an ejection, and just otherwise shitty and questionable play. I still feel we should trade the Alaskan moron before he losses all value. GO HEAT!!!!!!! 3 PEAT!!!!!!!!!




The University of Miami Underperforms again. I love the canes like I love sex, booze, and rock and roll. LIKE ALOT!!!!!!!!!!! Mark D’nafrio however is possibly the worst defensive strategist in the history of football at any level. How do you not make adjustments or keep pressure on when clearly that’s the gaping hole in your scheme. It is rumored Head Coach Al Golden and Mark are best friends, which will be harsh for Golden, but If the moniker of UM is to be carried by Golden. The standard is National Championships, not Humanitarian Bowls.




The Panthers fired their Head Coach and are apparently starting to win. This guy says….”we have a hockey team??” lol, but seriously go Panthers!!!! May you eek your way into the Stanley Cup Finals.



As for me, life is rough. Unemployment owes me, and comes up with whatever reason to not help its citizens who are truly in need. Applied to 790 the ticket as well as 20 other jobs. Still waiting on that, but thankfully my family is well. Please pray for Grand Ma as she has started chemo. God bless all my fans, the non retarded ex player types. You are the reason I do what I do, well other than personal fulfillment. Hit us up!!!!!!!! Instagram us at fossports1 or hit us up in the comments section. Podcasts have been posted, but issues have them sounding funny so we are working on getting that corrected and getting current.


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