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CHARLES IS A GAYSo after collusion, and for me, a bunch of unfortunate circumstances, the season was decided. My little brother Machuko won the whole shabangabang. Coach Fuste came up short, Mogero is just an asshole that should stick to hockey, and unlike a Lannister has not paid the winnings to Chukes. Kodak has yet to serve any sort of penance for him and his giants being total fantasy losers. Bam and Nano have yet to fully admit they tried to fuck me over by back door dealings at the zero hour. Snufy is out there in shitty ass Kansas, raising a champion, but again coming up short of a championship. I’m surely forgetting someone, but anywho, its a new season.

New Commish due to Chukes’s victory, and hopefully not the same wankster Ppr league format we were subject to last time. I know I will be making picks to return me to my 2010 Championness. I once hated fantasy football. Rooting for borderline retards you heard of last week, but its the parody amongst your friends and co workers that this is fantastic for. One more reason to tell Johnny he sucks over beer at the local watering hole.bortels

Who Knows if Mogero will do his job and post the latest episode. So many lost episodes already that I emplore him to unveil, because though they are dated, they still contain that raw awesomeness you expect from FREEDOM OF SPEECH SPORTS!!!!!!

In the episode we promised insight on who you should pick in fantasy football. Here’s my two cents:

QBGreen Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers smiles after a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the second quarter of NFL Super Bowl XLV football game in Arlington, Texas
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Peyton Manning
3. Andrew Luck/Colin Kapernickpeyton-manning

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Marshawn Lynch
3. Eddie Lacey

1. Andre Johnson
2. Calvin Johnson
3. Dez Bryant

DEFENSES52 Doing What He Do
1. San Francisco 49ers
2. Cincinnati Bengals
3. Baltimore Ravens

1. Greg “Legatron” Zurlien
2. Alex Henery

3. Stephen Gostkoski


It’s a new year, and with a little luck, I’ll be undefeated champion. Good luck to everyone, and again if you’d like to smack talk, bullshit or simply shout out your league leave a comment, and I’ll make it happen.


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