Hello Again People!!!!

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Hi peeps!!!! It’s me again catching you up very horribly chronologically in terms of posting. Nevertheless here’s whats new in the world of sports.

Preseason is in full swing and with names like Mark Sanchez and Jordan Palmer playing, all be it boring, thank GOD FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! CAN NOT wait until Week 1. It’s been a seemingly uneventful preseason thus far, but the reps all the players are taking are the training required for such a fast paced, hard hitting sport. Being a Miami native, I can only hope my U and the DOLPHINS do their job this go around to return the 305 to glory!!!!!

Lebron Goes Back To Cleveland

We never really wrote anything on it. It Hurt me very badly, my analogy: Like dating a playboy bunny and everything is perfect she calls you out of no where, breaks up with you, and says shes moving back home to Cleveland to be with her family. Lebron I personally want to the thank you for being the amazing player you are for 4 years in Miami, but you once again mishandled the transition from a city that treated you like one of it’s own. All that was missing is a short press conference thanking the people. But hey no worries, with the signings of Grangier, McRoberts, and Luol Deng, maybe the silver lining is that an offensive system will develop. This would be in contrast to the offense we ran for 4 years, which seemed like it was stand around and watch Lebron Go. Instead of building like the Spurs which beat you with system and depth. The bar is set, The San Antonio Spurs are that bar. We should build like them to beat them, to take their advantages away from them, and be CHAMPIONS once again!!

becks and lbj

David Beckham’s team was denied by the county of Miami Dade

It has come to my attention that because the city and the county of Miami and Miami Dade shot down every land proposal set before team. So instead of getting a MLS team in an area totally immersed with talents and a fan base, you get vacant lots doing absolutely nothing other than being on the market. TERRIBLE, come on MIAMI….1st the ORANGE BOWL, now this???????

henderson alvarez 1


Miami Marlins Trying To Secure Wildcard Spot

I’ve had the chance and favor to be able to attend a decent amount of games this season, and our glorified Triple A team playing in the Majors are 4 games back of obtaining the spot. Let’s Go Fighting Fish, It’s playoff time!!!!!!!!

sam satele

Dolphins Coming Along

With the addition of Center Samson Satele, the Dolphins have a stop gap til Mike Pouncey returns. The O-Line seems serviceable, and new OC Bill Lazor’s offense seems like a breath of fresh air. The defense will look way better when Dion Jordan gets back from his 4 game suspension. Brady Quinn is a Miami Dolphin, that’ll get em!!!!!

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