Preseason: A Necessary Evil

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A champion that may have not been discovered if not for preseason

A champion that may have not been discovered if not for preseason

My friends and I here at FOS Sports have wasted a podcast or two and much time on the issue of the relevance of preseason. In almost a futile effort me and DB Cutlass have gone back in forth in a see saw of English that leads us no where. So this is one of these issues were I want to pander to the fan. The fair weather loser to the 1st rounder that never got to play that is truly one worthy of an opinion. Here are the facts the more you change policy and rules, the more you can affect and lessen a product that literally makesvinatieri 1 the most money in the world. These players, much like a soldier knows he’s signing up to war and what that decision entails, know and are increasingly more and more aware of the consequences of a brutal game. I do believe they should have the best medical attention and all known information available, but as someone who had the privilege to play for 7 1/2 years and coach a Varsity O-Line for 1, I like the think that the game is perfect. Were we to return to the love of the game, instead of the greed of the green and stop amending policy just to be a footnote in the history of the world’s greatest game, maybe we can return this game to the glorious zenith it seems to have peaked at. Taking Helmets off and recent softening’s and suggestions have lessened the greatest product in the world.

Big Tubbs on the mic

My Bulletpoints on why PRESEASON MATTERS!!!!!!

My Bulletpoints

The more you practice at something, the better you become at it. Having less preseason, less practice, is a completely asinine stance to improve the game.

The stance of substituting 2 preseason games for two regular season games is retarded semantics I almost cant stand. The format is currently 4 Preseason games, and a 17 Week, 16 game season. The proposed change would have it at 2 Preaseason games, and a 19 week, 18 game season. That makes no sense when the quality of play wouldn’t change, and two garbage games where teams are normally working out the kinks and whittling down the roster, would now count and have palyoff implications. REPREHENSIBLE REASONING! If anything we should have more preseason or bring back the World league to get second and third stringers work. So that the game gets better, and not worse

KellerInjury2_crop_northInjuries: the amount of injuries in the last two preseasons have been more than the past decade combined, I believe its due to less practice and less field time due to restrictions

You find Diamonds in the rough, you simulate something almost impossible to replicate, game speed!!!

I want MORE football, not less


cameron wake 1


The Opposition

The game isn’t safe. CTE is running rampant.

Preseason is irrelevant

Less practice wont affect the game

Final 53 is all that mattersSuper Bowl XLVI

With this thinking Victor Cruz’s Cameron Wake’s and Kurt Warner’s and Adam Vinatieri’s could have probably never been discovered. Not only is Preseason a time to train and learn plays and how to execute, but also a time where one gets Super-Bowl-Victor-Cruz-BTtheir body and minds ready for the rigors that go into a football season. Its within this that injuries and the inability to understand play books that ultimately shape a NFL roster. The final 53 and the practice squad are the most important part to making sure the product that is the greatest game in the world stay viable, thrive and grow to enormous heights. So before you want to modify change or distort the current format any further, stop and ask yourself…..”Isn’t the game fine the way it is?” Hit me up and let me if u vehemently disagree or agree, and thanks for reading, help freedom of speech sports grow…tweet us at fossports or follow us on instagram fossports


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