The Most Unprecidented Trade In NFL History

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In what most would say is the most stunning trade in the last 20 years, the Cleveland Browns clearly went into rebuilding mode as they unloaded franchise running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts. Getting only a 1st round pick in return it flabbergasts me that there were no conditional picks attached, no nothing. Which begs the question, WHY??? Why would a organization that has never been a winner, who was making strides to be a contender unload a true class athlete? If I had the answer i surely would be writing for ESPN.

Trent Richardson

I do know the Indianapolis Colts clearly took a step in the right direction as they acquire a run game that can not simply be ignored. Play Action Passes and Andrew Luck’s ability to catch his breath on a play or 2 has clearly hit an upswing. Trent Richardson is a fantastic Running Back, only one year in, and a National Champion. He Runs mean, and last season he racked up 1,055 yards on 298 carries. He’s 22 years old and almost no doubt on the upswing of his illustrious career. It bogles the mind why this trade happened.

Did Trent hurl offenses at the Browns owner???

Sleep with a family member???

The possibilities are endless, much like Andrew Luck’s gameplans. Trent doesn’t fix a almost suspect defense, but he does give the ability to play clock control football, and manage your way to more wins. The Browns signed Free Agent RB Willis McGahee, and while I love that one of my UM champions got a job, Willis has 2 years at best left in him. McGahee can handle the load, but there’s a reason Trent was the 3rd overall pick in last years draft. Never in the history of the NFL has 1st round pick been traded after his first year. Trent will more than likely prove why this is a oddity and not a everyday occurrence.

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