The Top Ten Miami Hurricanes Footballers Of All Time

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Miami is Number 1 In The First Round

Since 1984, the University Of Miami has produced more NFL first-round draft picks than any other college, while Miami had at least one player drafted in the first round in 14 straight NFL drafts between 1984-2008: the longest streak in NFL history. The following chart lists colleges that have turned out the most first-round draft picks since 1984:

1. Miami – 46 players

2. Ohio State – 36 players

3. Florida – 35 players

4. USC – 33 players


UM’s Top Ten 1st Rounders

sean taylor um

1. Sean Taylor- S – Taken 5th overall in the 2004 draft by the Washington Redskins, this hard hitting All- American lives on in our hearts. Taken from us to soon, this champion will never be forgotten by the U, or by F.O.S. Sports. R.I.P. Sean Taylor.

ray lewis um

2. Ray Lewis- LB – Taken 26th overall in the 1996 draft by the Baltimore Ravens. This two time Super Bowl Champion is one of the tone setters, and torch bearer for the program. He exemplifies the competitive spirit of the University Of Miami.

JeromeBrown pics

3. Jerome Brown- DL – Taken 3rd overall in the 1987 draft by the Philadelphia Eagles, Jerome was a relentless force on the football field. Another Hurricane taken too soon to a car accident, had he played a decade he may have been the greatest Defensive Lineman of All Time. R.I.P. Jerome Brown.

michael irvin um

4. Michael Irvin- WR – Taken 11th overall in 1988 by the Dallas Cowboys, Michael is a Super Bowl Champion as well as a Hall of Famer. He is also arguably the offensive embodiment of the U. His fire and passion is exactly what the University of Miami is all about.

tez kennedy um

5. Cortez Kennedy- DT – Taken 3rd overall in 1990 by the Seattle Seahawks, Cortez is arguably the only Seahawk worth a lick for a 15 year span. This soon to be hall of famer, is the embodiment of work ethic, and never missing a game.

leon searcy um

6. Leon Searcy- OL -  Taken 11th in 1992 by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Leon is a champion on and off the field. A great Hurricane through and through.

andre johnson um

7. Andre Johnson- WR – Taken 3rd overall in 2003 by the Houston Texans, Andre lets his play do the talking on the field, and lets his quiet class do the rest off the field. If more Hurricanes were like him, we’d be in some sort of utopia by now.

o anderson um

8. Ottis Anderson- RB – Taken 8th overall by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1979, this Super Bowl MVP is a lesson in perseverance. Ottis is truly a exemplary Cane.

warren sapp um

9. Warren Sapp- DT – Taken 12th overall in 1995 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this Super Bowl champion was just elected to the NFL Hall of Fame. He was a main proponent in the culture change that ultimately gave Tampa Bay their first and only championship.

ted hendricks um

10. Ted Hendricks- Taken in 1968 by the Baltimore Colts, the “Mad Stork” is a hurricane that not only is a champion, but a player that standed the test of time. The unorthodox lanky defensive end helped the Raiders to become a force in the late 70′s and early 80′s. A Hurricane from Hialeah, this stork will never be forgotten. 

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