Week(s) In Review To 9/15/13

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On a day were we remember the heroes who so willingly gave their lives so that we can endure, I felt the need, nay, the urge to get a post up for the fans.

To make excuses for myself, I’ve had a promotion I was lied to about, and I’ve been working on a show you can watch Sundays on NBC6 at noon.

So what have we missed

The Giants Sign Brendan Jacobs, Again, when the Dolphins should’ve.

Dolphins 1-0 after a B- showing against the browns, 2-0 after out Lucking Luck

mike wallace dolphins

IM 1-0 IN THE FOSSPORTS FANTASY FOTBALL LEAGUE, 4th place after a sleeper win on our beloved co-host Kodak


If Preseason were improved there would be less injuries. This is a fact I can not harp on enough. The NFL wants to modify the format to a 20 game season. How about modfying the format so that athletes are as close to their max potentials as they hit week 1 of the regular season.

T. A. McFacepuncher and Snufy have been doing work on the article front. Great work to these two winners as they keep blazing their paths in the sports entertainment medium, and more importntly my spreaders of truth to this medium that gets faker and faker by the day.


Johnny Manziel’s taunt and the fact he commited the same infractions as Cowboys WR Dez Bryant. One had a 2 quarter suspension against Rice, while the other couldn’t play collegiate athletics again. Wanna guess whose who???

jose fernandez 2

Jose Fernandez and Mike Stanton or Gian Carlo, whatever you wanna go by, stay right here the Marlins, NAY, MIAMI NEEDS YOU!!!



The Miami Heat Re-sign SF Michael Beasley. My question, WHY?????

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Canelo Alvarez

Floyd “Money” Mayweather waltzes his way to another win against another hype Machine. The fastest, probably, The greatest ever….YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!

Hope all of you all are making it happen in your lives. Thanks for the support and as for the podcast, look for episode 4 dropping today or tomorrow, and episode 5 goes in the booth no later than Monday or Tuesday. The Truth is out there, and FREEDOM OF SPEECH SPORTS JUST TELLS IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!!!!

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