WE”RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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savior of the dolphins

savior of the dolphins


We were hacked, we were put thru the paces, we survived!!!! Glad to be writing once again my friends. Life’s been hard, like the Dolphins GM search. Unbelievable to me is how an organization settles for a person that hasn’t had success in nearly a decade??? Oh Miami Dolphins, when will we wake up and be a rational thriving Super Bowl power???? Like we used to be….



The Miami Heat have been a little unfocused in this first half of the season…. but LETS FACE IT…..EVEN IF THE HEAT GET THE 8TH SEED IN THE EAST…WE”RE STILL TAKING LARRY HOME AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jose fernandez 2



Marlins Make a good couple of signings for once, and presently our young Cuban phenom, P Jose Fernandez is still on our slightly improved roster.





The Panthers are clawing away at a playoff spot. The losses are definitely not due to lack of effort. Lets Go Panthers!!!!!!!! Show the US we don’t even need snow, to kick their asses on the ice.


becks and lbj



Miami is getting an MLS franchise owned by David Beckham. Seeing as How the Fusion FC, our first team, won a MLS Championship and was disbanded, I wait with baited breath to see what bend it like beckham can do. At the very least the Miami Dolphins now have an option b for placekicker when they realize Sturgis is garbage.

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